Pampered Pooches Top 5 Products

The dogs of today are not the dogs of yesterday. In the last 20 years, the pet industry has boomed; in 2016, studies show that the amount we spent on our Fidos peaked a staggering £10.6 BILLION and that number continues to grows every year. Sticks are being replaced with luxury Tuffy’s toys, veterinarians are as common as huaman medical doctors and you’re telling me you’ve never heard of a dog in a bow tie?

Not a drop of judgements here though, Anuko is about as pampered as it gets. Although he’s not small enough to fit into a handbag (cry), he has more collars than my entire shoe collection and he has to have his own wardrobe to fit all of his toys and accessories. With me going to University hopefully within the next year, both mine and Anukos wardrobe needs to be sized down, and it was going through all of his stylish belongings that the idea of this blog post came to mind. I present to you, my Pampered Pooches Top 5 Products. Prepare to be jealous amazed. Without any further ado…

Drinkwell Water Fountain
Gone are the days of the plain, boring silver water dish. Electric water fountains are here! I’ve had the Drinkwell 360° 3.8L bowl for almost 3 years after seeing a friends dog Dakota gulping from her Drinkwell Platinum and thought Anuko was terribly missing out. These bowls not only look stylish in your kitchen but also filter the water with charcoal filters as they stream, which keeps the water from going warm and stale whilst also encouraging pets to drink more water. Pictured is Anukos friend Joy drinking from her Ceramic Avalon Bowl we gifted her as we felt that she too, was terribly missing out. These bowls can go up to £80 in price, which lands them a respectable place on this list. I’ve never regretted buying this gadget and would especially recommend to cat owners who struggle to get their feline friends to drink water. You can get your Drinkwell fountain here.

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Petcube Camera
As much as we’d all love to stay at home with our fur babies, lounging around and barking at people as they walk past our house, a little thing called income prevents us from doing that and most of us are forced from our homes for sometimes hours on end. What our pets get up to during these times is unbeknown to us. That is, until the movie The Secret Life of Pets came out; then the cat was out of the bag. For some dog owners though, separation anxiety is a real problem. This is a condition where dogs become stressed when away from their family. Rapid panting, howling, self or surrounding destruction and escaping are all common symptoms that your pet is suffering from the dreaded separation anxiety. This is how pet cams have became so sought after, and for those who can splash out the extra ££, PetCube is amongst the best of them at the moment. A stylish cube structured camera that will fit well into your home furnishings, this nifty little device allows you to view, communicate and even play with your pet whilst you’re out. Simply turn on the device as you leave the house, sign into the PetCube app and you’ll know if Fido is in need of some comfort. You can view my in-depth review of the PetCube camera here. Even though they carry a price tag of £150, they are a must have gadget for worried fur parents who have to regularly leave their pet(s) alone during the day. You can buy your Petcube camera here.



Scruffs Siberian Mattress & Blanket
For Anuko in the summer, nothing beats a cold hard floor much to my dismay. I always worry that he’s uncomfortable forgetting that if he was, he has the option of numerous beds to lay on. In the colder months though, he loves nothing more than to curl up in a ball on his Scruffs Siberian faux fur mattress with their Snuggle Comfort Blanket. Honestly, he sleeps better than I do and really, what average person owns a warm blanket specifically for cuddling? A monumental step up in luxury compared to the hard, plastic beds dogs usually sleep in, Scruffs offer a wide range of extravagant dog beds for all shapes and sizes. A bed designed for the most pampered of pooches, with most price points in mind. You can get the same mattress that Anuko has here.

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Pure Light Botanics Shampoo & Conditioner
A pampered pooch would not be a pampered pooch without a gloriously shiny and well maintained coat. Being a husky, Anuko has a double coat which means he regularly sheds and also completely “blows out” his entire undercoat twice a year. Because of this, a “gloriously shiny and well maintained coat” look is rare. The times when I do find the hour to brush him, his coat returns to looking scruffy a day later with even more tufts of fur poking out. For events and photoshoots I make the effort to get him looking fabulous and would not complete this mission without a good wash and blow dry which I do myself at home. Whilst I was looking for new shampoos I came across Pure Light Botanics who also offer a conditioner which I had never heard of in dog grooming before. I was wary of how they’d work on Anukos fur but have not regretted trying them once. We have the Pure Paws Pup shampoo for puppies in Calming Lavender, and the Pure Paws Original conditioner in revitalising cedar wood. They smell divine without being overpowering and the ingredients are completely organic, containing no harsh chemicals such as sulphates, silicones and parabens which is vital for dogs with sensitive skin. They left Anukos fur soft to touch and gloriously shiny, that is until he went and rolled in fox poo. It was brilliant whilst he let it last. For £25, you can grab your Pure Light Botanic washes here, and can also get a deluxe doggy bag because what luxury dog shampoo would be complete without one?

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Hownd Butch Leather Cologne
Dogs smell. There, I said it. Especially certain breeds who are more prone to smelling more than others. I’m quite lucky that in general, Anuko doesn’t smell too doggy (unless he pees on himself, which is often). So rare as they are, a good wash and blow dry was never really followed with anything else until I discovered dog cologne. That’s right, dog cologne. The cologne I use and love on Anuko is by Hownd and is their Butch Leather cologne for man dogs, but they also do a cologne for girl dogs too! The smell is quite a strong cedar wood smell, so a little spritz goes a very long way, and I always spray the scent onto my hands then stroke my hands through Anukos fur as he’s not too keen on me spraying him directly. This cologne also perfectly compliments Anukos Pure Light Botanics conditioner. Whilst I think his strut is just a little more sassy when he wears his cologne, he’s not had much luck with any ladies (yet!). A must have for pampered pooches on the go. For £14, you can get your dog smelling dapper here.


There we have it, and now you know just how conceited Anuko really is. Just kidding. I am very grateful on behalf of Anuko for the life he is able to live knowing many doggies do not even have access to fresh water. I am also very happy to say that all the brands mentioned are cruelty free, and the fur on the Scruffs mattress is 100% faux fur. I would never condone the selling of real fur on Anukos website. I hope you enjoyed this blog and do keep an eye on on the counter blog “Practical Pooches Top 5 Products” coming soon, featuring some more affordable but must have dog products.

Woof & licks!

Original Petcube Camera Review

Careers are inevitable parts of life, and every morning millions of pets around the world sniff their owners goodbye and are left to their own devices for a considerable amount of time. What they get up to within those hours is unbeknown to us and beyond our control. Well, that was until recently.


With technology advancing every day it’s no surprise that electronic gadgets are starting to creep into the dog industry. With timed food bowls that fill themselves, balls that launch themselves and even electronic poop scoops.

I am counting down the days until there is some type of machine that will walk them for us too! There’s one gadget, however, that has taken the market by storm and proved to be a really viable tool in the dog ownership arsenal; Pet cams.

There are a decent range of Cameras geared towards pet watching at a large range of prices. Some are mere cameras, whilst others have lasers, treat/toy dispensers and some even have two-way sound systems to actually communicate with your pet. I researched and found a few great cameras, and then was given the great opportunity to review the product. I hope you enjoy my Petcube Camera review.

Introduction to the Petcube Camera

Petcube is a camera designed by Petcube Inc. for pet watching from your smartphone. It offers fool proof set up and operates via Wi-Fi with some key features that set it apart from other pet cams. I find the camera itself very attractive and fits in well within your household furniture. The camera is $199, or you can buy two at discounted prices. The camera is protected by a 4 x 4 x 4 aluminium house that comes in range of colours from Matte Silver, Rose Gold to Carbon Black. I was given the Matte Silver.

Petcube Features / What separates Petcube from other Petcams?


  • Non-slip bottom
  • 4 x 4 x 4 aluminium housing in 3 colours
  • Standard tripod mount
  • 138° wide angle camera that streams in HD 720p video
  • Compatible on iOS and Android devices
  • Built in two way audio system
  • Built in 5mW 3R certified and safe laser
  • Motion and sound detection notifications
  • US and UK changeable power adaptor plug

Petcube Design

The design of the Petcube, I think, is nailed right down to the packaging. Upon opening the box, the Petcube and lead are nestled in shock proof material along with a brochure on how to set the camera up. All you need to do is download the free app and follow the very simple instructions, connect your Petcube to your Wi-Fi and you’re set to go.

There is only one lead which plugs the camera into the wall and that’s about as complicated as It gets. The camera itself is, as I said, very modern and attractive and it blends well into my home. There is a light on the front of the camera which tells you when it is on, but also tells you when someone is viewing the footage from their smartphones. You can give permission for other users on the Petcube app network to view your live footage.

Petcube Function

The function of the camera and app both are very smooth. The picture quality of the camera can be prone to go quite pixilated if there is anything lower than fantastic Wi-Fi connection, though that is honestly down to your Wi-Fi service connector than Petcube. I have not experienced any footage freezing, despite sometimes some pixilation.

The running of the footage is up to date and really accurate, as well as being able to see a lot of space at once due to the 138° angle. I have found also that when speaking into the camera the microphone on the other side picks up your voice and repeats it back to you, which can interfere with the sound from your pet but is not a huge bother.

Lasers, Sounds and Notifications

I am really impressed with the laser quality. I was wondering if it would be quite weak but it is very vibrant and easily spotted by my curious husky. By clicking on the footage on your smartphone you can control where the laser goes to and so actually play with your pet! Another thing that I think is the best thing of all are the sound and motion notifications. If your camera detects either of these, it will send you a notification telling you so. I feel that this saves time as instead of continuously checking the camera, I can rely on the detectors to notify me if my pet is howling or pacing for example.


App Network

One thing that was surprising is the fact that the Petcube doesn’t stop at just owning the camera. You are able to actually download the app and interact with other Petcube owners, even if you don’t have the camera yourself.

Petcube has a social network system that operates very similar to Instagram, where users can share content from their phone library or straight from their live footage onto their page. Other people may then like or comment on users content, as well as being able to follow users.

If you don’t own a Petcube, upon following the users you will be updated when the user has allowed their live footage to be viewed by other parties. You can then talk to, play laser and watch their pets. Users are able to deactivate any features if they wish to (such as deactivating the laser as your pet may be nervous to it, for example).

Cons and Suggested Improvements

I think the issue with the voice being repeated may be bothersome to some people but it is not a deal breaker for me. The price of the product may also deter some customers but what they need to remember is you get what you pay for. Petcube does what it says on the tin and I use it just about every time I leave the house now without that sense of dread, wondering if Anuko is howling and frustrating the neighbours.

As for improvements, I feel that Petcube are missing out on an opportunity to make even more revenue by not offering items to go alongside the Petcube. On their store, all there is to buy is the camera and that’s just about it. I would advise that they would enable being able to buy replacement leads, maybe even a lead extension, and replacement power adaptors. Another thing I would like to see on their store are screen protectors for the cameras front, and perhaps even funky cases to put your Petcube in like smartphones have fun cases.


I am really happy with this product and will continue to incorporate it into my every day life. I have kept the packaging as well, as it was a sliding box (similar to how Apple products are packaged) and use it when travelling. I advise anybody who has a pet with separation anxiety to consider this product, as well as anybody who is just interested in seeing what their pet gets up to when they are not around. Is it really like The Secret Life Of Pets?

I hope you enjoyed my review of Petcube.

Where can I buy?

You can buy a Petcube here
You can support Petcube on their Facebook page here

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