The Grumpy Life

It’s probably not a huge secret that Anuko has had a big impact on my life. I never for a second thought I would be writing for, or featuring on talk shows about him, or being in newspapers. Since first going viral in 2015, life has been one of luxury for Anuko and our great friendship has been scrutinised intensely by the media. Whilst I see my face in newspapers and magazines and websites I always have to take a step back and remind myself it’s him that is famous, not me. Everybody is interested in him, not me. So that’s what this website is all about. Everything Anuko. The grumpy life.


Whether it’s skin care and grooming routines, reviews and first impressions, his favourite and most (or least?) durable toys, treats, DIY doggy stuff or even behind the scenes of photoshoots; it’ll all be right here. Pretty nifty, huh?

We will also be starting a YouTube channel pretty soon so do keep an eye on this website for more information of when to expect it to be up and running. I am in the process of gathering essential items to get my first post/video up, but In the meantime any comments on what in particular you’d like to see are always welcome.

Woofs & kisses!
Anuko & Jasmine, x


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